The first order of business with a recording is to find the right location and a recording style that suits a particular music genre. Like a violinist who spends ages looking for the perfect bow, we go out of our way to find the ideal microphone, that elusive cable or the ultimate recording equipment. Without exaggerating in the use of high technology, we aspire to the highest quality norms every single day.
While the difference between left and right is a key aspect, it is the depth that makes the real difference in a recording. In our experience, the choice of microphone and its placement within the recording space are the deciding factors. High sample frequencies and top-of-the-line remote preamplifiers do the rest.
As far as microphones go the Neumann M 150 is definitely our first choice (the best mic ever in our opinion). Why? A Neumann M 150 consists of a round bullet of 40mm with a titanium diaphragm. This bullet is much larger than with other microphones and this results in a very smooth and gradual directivity with rising frequencies. In the lower frequency range, the Neumann M 150 is the perfect omnidirectional microphone, resulting in unique reproduction of the lowest frequencies.The capsule in other microphones has a different shape and as a result the directivity in these mics is not only far less gradual but it is also less pronounced, which leads to unstable reproduction in the highest frequencies.

In addition, we also try to position the microphone preamplifier on the stage proper. Placing the preamp closer to the microphone reduces mode noise because gain does not have to be taken at the end of the run. Frequency response effects of capacitance in long mic lines are reduced. Also, loading a mic into a single preamp allows higher quality than loading that mic into several preamps through a splitter.
Today, MP3, YouTube, HDTV and Blue-Ray exist side by side. The technical possibilities never were greater, but the differences were never more extreme either. Nevertheless, we also attach great importance to the craftsmanship. Our love of music and our respect for the musicians that perform it drive us to extremes, not only on a technological level but also in our unrelenting quest for the ultimate music recording.