On location:

You cannot record ambiance, but you don’t wish to make your record in an abattoir either. If you’d rather record in historical ballrooms, dilapidated churches, secluded chapels, or grand chateaux – we’ve been there and we’ve done that – you may want to engage our flight-cased recording setup, which can be configured with all the equipment you need from our extensive range of high-end gear.
Our mobile setup is equipped to do high end sound productions of events – such as opera or period location recordings – which are artistically and technically demanding, and which have to be recorded in situ because they cannot move elsewhere.

In Studio:

The Hall is the veritable hub of our recording outfit. This is a fully-equipped unit consisting of a 150 m² studio with high ceilings (7 meters) and lots of natural light, a large control room, and two separate booths. The hall can handle any cast from soloist up to (small) chamber orchestra. A grand piano, and a number of vintage keyboard instruments are at your disposal.

hall 2


This is where we mix and master our acclaimed recordings. The S5 studio is a 45m² control room which is equipped to handle high end stereo and 5.1 surround sound projects up to DSD & DXD.